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- Cinque Terre, Italy
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Packing …

Hi everyone! Have you had a chance to enjoy warm Spring weather yet?  I know I have been overdosing on ice-cream.  

I’m currently packing for my trip to Bodrum (Turkey), Beirut (Lebanon) and Italy in the next two weeks!  I will bring back lots of photos to share!

(photo from me - a pop of color from Singapore!)

Copenhagen Part IV: Tivoli Gardens

(photos from me)

This is turning into a really long Danish blog post series but I can’t help it - I was absolutely charmed by this city.

Tivoli, which opened in 1843 served as the inspiration behind Disneyland and is the second oldest amusement park in the world. It may not have the latest craziest rides but it was a really tiny sweet park in the middle of the city, especially when it is drenched in sunshine and happy people. It’s just the right amount of retro.

Copenhagen Part III: Museums

(photos from me)

We spent several days wandering in and out of the Danish capital’s many museums. What really impressed me was the seamless way the Danes merged together historical and modern elements into their spaces. It was so beautiful and gave all the museums a subtle Danish spin.

Copenhagen Part II: Nimb Hotel Copenhagen

(photos from me)

The equally stunning public spaces of Nimb Hotel - the bar and the brasserie.

Copenhagen Part I: Nimb Hotel Copenhagen

(photos from me)

I loved the Nimb Hotel. I loved the rich colors, the antique furniture that made each of the 13 rooms unique, the gorgeous public spaces, the Danish simplicity and quality, the typography, the beautiful building and the secret door that led into the historical Tivoli Gardens.

Back from Copenhagen!

(photo from me)

Hi everyone! I’m back from a surprise trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.  I loved it and have lots to share. 

Couldn’t resist trying out the beautiful Copenhagen beer on our first night!

(photo from me)

Have you been working hard this week?

Have a great weekend everyone!  If all goes well, I’m off to Copenhagen tomorrow for some birthday celebrations!

One more month till I visit Portofino!


Sea Side Homes, Portofino, Italy

photo by tearsandrain

(via sunsurfer-deactivated20110911)

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

(photos from me)

Last week I went on a girls’ trip to Gili Trawangan in Indonesia.  I remembered that when I was living in Jakarta, my friends suggested it as a fantastic alternative to Bali. We arrived after sunset and got to the tiny island in a speedboat in the dark which was kind of fun! Then we walked barefoot onto the beach, passing some amused diners since the tide forced us to stop our boat right in front of the restaurant.

What followed was several very, very chilled out days on the island. It was mainly backpackers and some small villas so it had such a relaxed vibe. We did yoga in an outdoor pavilion when the sun was setting and snoozed by the pool during the day. The snorkelling around the three Gili islands was fantastic and we watched a turtle lazily swim by.

No cars are allowed on the tiny island so we walked back and forth several times a day, passing horses and carriages.

Gili Trawangan can be reached either via fast ferry from Bali (around 2.5 hours) or by flying to Lombok from Singapore/Jakarta then speedboat transfer.   

p.s. we stayed at the lovely Kokomo 



Floating to the Sea, Papafragas, Milos, Greece

photo via milosisland

(via sunsurfer-deactivated20110911)

Airplane fashion


Today in ad campaigns…

       Olga Sherer for Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2011

I don’t know about you guys


I think airplanes are totally hot.

(via vogueandcoffee)

The perfect camera case to travel with


it’s the bag so many of you have been waiting for.

Mmm, New York in the Springtime?

From feelinlitfeelinlight

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Exploring Chiang Mai, Thailand

(photos from me)

A few years ago I had a lovely break in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Hong Kong people love Thailand although Bangkok is normally our city of choice. Chiang Mai was all about elephants, gentle river rafting and relaxing in the lush greenery of Veranda Resort Chiang Mai.

It was really hot during the day and the night was interrupted with fierce thunderstorms and the sound of insects - which kind of made it more romantic don’t you think?

A magical week on Tioman Island

(photos from me)

We had the most amazing weekend on Tioman Island, Malaysia which is now my favorite island in the world! (after Hong Kong Island maybe…) A 35 minute away ride on a tiny (!) propeller plane from Singapore and we were in Malaysia. The plane swerved past the jungle and stopped abruptly on the small runway. 

We took a short boat ride to Japamala Resort which was perfect. The entire week was full of lemongrass drinks, relaxing in the cabanas above the water, barbeques on the beach, swimming up to the jetty for lunch and watching terrible reality tv in treetop chalets. 

Tioman Island is famous amongst scuba divers. We only snorkelled but still had magical moments when the fish swam around us above the colorful corals.

It was a wonderful week and I would recommend this resort to anyone.  

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